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your full service audio provider.

Do you need voice recordings in German or in other languages?

Do you want to put a soundtrack on your video or make it broadcast quality?

Does your company need a new telephone system or a new acoustic identity?

How about an advertisement or a soundtrack for a console game?

Dynamic audio will be your partner from the creation right through to the delivery of the project. We would be happy to help you with whichever phase of your project you need help with – dynamic audio is not “just” a recording studio, it’s an audio agency!
At dynamic audio, we have many years of experience in carrying out large projects.
We offer consultation on the design and planning of your projects, and on finding the right voice or the right sound design. We help you to write user-friendly texts or to create punchy slogans, and can translate your audio project into the relevant language.
Last but not least, we also offer a diverse, multilingual pool of speakers, a fully equipped sound studio, a wide-ranging sound library and an experienced team so that we can carry out your project as quickly and competently as possible.
  • Your request with a description of the project
  • Clarification of the format, use, product, target group and scope
  • Our free quote Creation of the audio concept, hear and feel, persona concept
  • election of speaker, creation of text, pre-selection of sounds and music
  • Production of voice recordings and sound design
  • Post production, cutting and editing of the voice recordings
  • Mix and assembly of the various sound elements
  • Adaptation to the final format
  • Format conversion and naming the audio files
  • Quality assurance
  • Transfer of the files