Film soundtracks – more ambience with great speakers, sounddesign and music

Image films, product presentations, educational films, advertisements, animation…the film industry has many different facets. An important component in film is, of course, the audio. Dynamic audio has created the soundtrack for a wide range of film projects in the past few years: from voice-over through to dubbing and sound design, with us you get everything rolled into one. Dynamic audio has an extensive, multilingual pool of experienced speakers and a diverse sound library. We also have the technology that we need to put your project into the correct format.

What we put on the soundtrack

. Vocies:
We like to see narrators (presenters, moderators...) as the calling card of the soundtrack. According to your specifications, we cast the appropriate voive over voice, search our pool of speakers and also take care of the contractual matters regarding exploitation rights and duration of use.

For sounds, effects and atmospheric sounds we access an extensive sound library. What we do not find there for our sound desgn, the noise maker creates with an incredible collection of sound generators and utensils (and experience) with us in the studio. Handmade just often sounds best. Boing.

Anyone who has had goosebumps in front of their stereo knows what music can do. Its atmosphere shapes the film, holds it together over longer stretches and often forms the basis for the editing rhythm. Good reasons to put a lot of care into it and to dedicate yourself patiently and with attention to detail to music research or composition. That's exactly what we do. And yes, GEMA may be an issue. Just contact us, if it is about exploitation rights, fees, licenses or even GEMA-free use.

Languages, localization:
Not so rare that a successful, fully produced advertising or image film should also be used internationally. In our versatile voiceover talent pool, we can quickly find the professional native speaker for your voice over. Mixed with music and sounds, we edit your film for any desired country.
An advantage of dynamic audio is that it offers you everything you need to create your film project in a comfortable atmosphere. Do you need a suitable voice? We can advise you, organise auditions and record it for you. Are you missing sounds or atmosphere? We have an extensive sound library. Do you need music? We can compose. Do you want your television advertisement to have a real impact? We have the technology to do that. Do you need distraction and relaxation during your breaks? We have a table tennis table, a PlayStation, a comfortable sofa and an excellent coffee machine.