Sonification of video games – create worlds of sound

Few other industry sectors have grown as much as the computer, internet, mobile and console market over the last years. Besides the graphics and the programming, the audio has evolved a great deal and has become almost as complex as the quality of film soundtracks. We are happy to take on the challenge. By now renowned manufacturers and providers of apps are among the clients of dynamic audio berlin.

Making your game successful

Voices, sound design and music:
Professional graphics and animations are striking and crucial for the main part of the gaming world. With the right sounds it will get even more realistic. Catchy voices, fitting sound effects and atmospheric music – that’s how the users can dive into the happening …

Especially games and apps can spread withing a second over the whole world. How fitting if you are already able to offer the corresponding foreign versions. dynamic audio berlin deals with complete localisations and translations of your game. Namely:
- lipsync (lipsync)
- time constraint
- voice over (not time constraint)

We are only working with native speakers. After the recording and editing process you will receive the final mix. Hence every country gets the sound it deserves …

Famous voice actors:
A not to be underestimated factor in the marketing of your game are famous voices. Quite cool, if the rascal has the voice of Al Pacino or the jester talks like Eddy Murphy. Investments in the recognition value of games usually pay off. dynamic audio berlin is well connected in the synchronisation sector and can organise the recordings with renowned voices from film and TV.
Good atmosphere - concentrated work
. Work is best done rested and relaxed - especially when the project requires high concentration and intensity in the voiceover and control booth. That's why comfortable rooms and proper catering are available for project breaks and meetings. Also available: ping-pong table, Playstation and a super coffee machine. The film dubbing can start!