Voice recordings – the speciality of dynamic audio

There are many occasions in which you might find yourself in need of a voice recording: advertisements, telephone service hotlines, voice overs for image films, podcasts, dubbing of films … The linguistic, conceptual and technical requirements vary accordingly. As a long term specialist for vocal recordings we know all different formats and produce your individual audio project with an optimal result. All of it with a lot of passion and love for detail. Here you won’t find products made on an assembly line. Every project is special, every cliend individual. In front and behind the microphones sit solely professional speakers and sound engineers who understand the voice over trade and are able to realise your project in a flexible manner in time and budget.

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That’s how it works: have a look in our speaker pool and find the right voice

Factually informative service hotline, shrill game show host or seductive product presentation – dynamic audio guarantees bite-sized, formulated texts, professional speakers, experienced voice directors and high quality recording processes for your individual use. If necessary, we also carry out auditions and develop consistent personality and tonality concepts. One of our specialities is multilingual projects, and we have a very diverse pool of speakers representing a wide range of talents in a number of foreign languages.


Concept – precise, result-oriented, fast

Next to the right voice we also care about content and format. That’s why we can also take care of texting in order to produce content that fits your images and characters. The perfect ears of our engineers cater for constant quality. In this manner your project will be finalised in no time – often all it takes is three working days!


Technical aspects – proportionate to the format

Highend recording techniques are a standard at dynamic audio berlin. When all is wrapped up, our work isn’t done yet though. The voice over recordings will be edited by us according to your needs. Keywords: file format, naming, suitability for broadcasting, upload…