Project management – more than 15 years of experience

Too many cooks spoil the broth. This saying doesn’t have to be true, but all too often it is. With us, you get everything rolled into one – the recording studio is more than just a production plant: often it is the interface of the audio project, whether it be in terms of the selection and coordination of the various voices and suppliers or in the processing of existing content. Dynamic audio has many years of experience in the coordination and implementation of large projects. We can help you right from the start! We are not just producers – we can design concepts, write text, plan and advise. An experienced project manager will be right by your side from the start of the project until the end.

Full service – for example for film productions

In many projects our task was not only the audio production. We also have produced complete image and animated films. With everything that comes along with it: concept, storyboard, shooting schedule, shoot and post production. Want to see an example? Here you go:

Animated film „immer uptodate“