Film dubbing - more atmosphere through speakers, sound design and music

Good story, good actors, excellent images, crisp editing - but sometimes the finishing touches are still missing. Professional film dubbing and film synchronisation offer an incredible number of additional design options to create atmosphere, support moods and generate emotions. This applies to feature films as well as image films, product presentations, e-learning, commercials and art or animated films. This is how your film soundtrack is created.

Once all the effects are in place, the dubbing voice is purring and the translation is lipsync, we mix all the ingredients in post-production to create a coherent whole and make the result suitable for broadcasting.

Film scoring: What we put on the soundtrack

We like to see narrators (presenters, moderators...) as the calling card of the soundtrack. We cast the right voice over according to your specifications, scour our pool of voice actors and also take care of contractual matters relating to utilisation rights and duration of use.

We have access to an extensive sound library for sounds, effects and atmospheric sounds. What we don't find there for our sound design is created by the foley artist with an incredible collection of sound generators and equipment (and experience) in our studio. Handmade often sounds best. Boing.

Anyone who has ever got goosebumps in front of their stereo system knows what music can do. Its atmosphere shapes the film, holds it together over long stretches and often forms the basis for the editing rhythm. Good reasons to take a lot of care and dedicate yourself patiently and with great attention to detail to the music research or composition. That's exactly what we do. And yes, GEMA may be an issue. Simply contact us if you have any questions about exploitation rights, fees, licences or GEMA-free use.

Languages, localisation
It is not at all uncommon for a successful, fully produced advertising or image film to be used internationally. We can quickly find a professional native speaker for your voice over from our extensive list of voice talents. Mixed with music and sounds, we can edit your film for any desired country. 

Film dubbing: good atmosphere - concentrated work

It's best to work well rested and relaxed - especially if the project requires a high level of concentration and intensity in the voiceover and control booth. That's why we have cosy rooms and proper catering available for project breaks and meetings. Also included: table tennis table, Playstation and a super coffee machine. The film dubbing can begin! The film dubbing can start!