Voice recordings - Dynamic Audio's speciality

There are all kinds of occasions for voice recordings: commercials, telephone announcements, voice-overs for image films, podcasts, film dubbing... The linguistic, conceptual and technical requirements vary accordingly. As a long-standing specialist in voice recordings, we are familiar with a wide variety of formats and can produce your customised audio project in a targeted manner to achieve the optimum result. And we do this with total commitment and dedication to detail.
Assembly line productions according to a standardised scheme do not end up on our hard drive. Every project is special, every customer individual. That's why only voice-over professionals and sound engineers who understand the craft of voice-over and can realise your project flexibly and, above all, on time and on budget stand/sit in front of and behind the microphone.

Voice recordings: Here's how it works: simply find the right voice in the voice talent database

The figurehead of every voice recording is the voice. Logical. With a keen sense for brands, products and messages, we will work with you to find the right voice for your voice over project from our voice talent pool. Categories such as age, gender, timbre, voice colour or dialect help in the search. Otherwise, we are of course also happy to research your specifications in advance and put together a crisp selection of suggestions for you. The fact that the majority of our voice talents live in Berlin speaks in favour of short distances and quick results. This means that travelling times and costs are minimal or non-existent. By the way, if you would like to use popular dubbing voices - no problem! On request, we can also hire well-known voices from film and television for your project. How about Angelina Jolie as the friendly receptionist in your telephone loop? Bruce Willis as the catchy presenter of your radio advert? Or Hannibal Lecter for a voice over project with the creepy factor? Just browse through the voice-over catalogue. You're sure to find the right voice for your desired voice recording here. here.

Our voice recording concept: targeted, results-orientated, fast

In addition to the right voice, content and form are also important to us. That's why we are also happy to take on the writing work and produce coherent texts or develop appropriate persona and tonality concepts. The attentive ears of our language directors ensure consistent quality in the realisation. And our friendly and focussed project management team watches over everything. This ensures that your project is completed quickly and smoothly - usually within three working days.

Technical aspects - appropriate to the format

High-quality voice recordings are a matter of course at dynamic audio berlin. But once everything is "in the can", the fun goes even further. We prepare the voice over recordings extensively according to your specifications. Key words: file format, naming, suitability for broadcasting, upload... In doing so, we will follow your technical and organisational specifications to the letter.