Localisation, international projects, translation and dubbing

At dynamic audio berlin we read the scripts from right to left sometimes. For example when a company wants to expand to the Middle East and needs their telephone prompts in Arabic. Thanks to our vast pool of speakers this is no problem. Here you can find native speakers from more than 20 countries, all of them easy to book to ensure your project will be promptly realised. In case you’re in need of a very exotic language, or even dialect, we can organise a casting to find the right speaker for you.

We keep the overview even in a 12 language project

Telephone information service, video games, film – it’s quite common that for a localisation one has to operate in all sorts of fields. Many language versions, a lot of organisation, loads of recordings and deadlines and of course QAs: We have the ambition and the experience to deliver everything in time and budget. With our project management we guarantee that all loose ends are tied up. We communicate in a constantly friendly manner and keep all different parties up to date.